New Zealand Engine Reconditioners Association


The Association's Constitution lists a number of objects, which include :

To promote the industry both to the public and within the motoring trade, by communicating the benefits of reconditioning an engine and using an Association member.

To encourage, promote and protect the trade of Engine Reconditioning and to protect the interests of members and encourage interaction between members.

To discuss and consider matters affecting engine reconditioners and to collect and disseminate such information, especially technical data, as may be of use to members, garages and the public generally.

To assist in the protection of members on return work where such returns are not wholly due to neglect or default of the member.

To act in co-operation with or to participate further in the work or purpose of any Association or Body, national, provincial or otherwise, having objects altogether or in part similar to those of this Association.

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The Association membership is divided up into engine reconditioning shops as well as Associate members, being manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, cylinder head shops and other specialists in areas such as camshaft and crankshaft workshops. Members are located from Whangarei to Invercargill and also form part of the National Reciprocal Repair Scheme.

This scheme was set up in 1981, so that if a customer of a member had a problem with an engine the customer was not limited to going back to the original reconditioner, if they had moved or were travelling, but could take the vehicle into one of the other members.

Mission Statement

To assist the members to be totally customer focused, and provide customers with quality service, workmanship and parts, backed up by a national warranty system.


The services of the Association are basically split into two areas.

The first area is for the members to co-operate and assist each other in the sharing of information, particularly in the technical area.

This is done through a system of district meetings overseen by a National Executive.

The Executive reviews the information and ideas coming from the district level, this is then compiled and distributed to members across the country in the form of regular newsletters.

This system assists members to keep up with the changing trends in the Industry and stops the repetition of a costly problem which may have developed in a particular engine, that can arise in our market with such a diverse range of engine types and configurations.

The second area is the Public service and Warranty system. The Association works with Government agencies, Industry groups and Consumer groups to assist members and their customers and to promote the benefits of engine reconditioning. The Association also runs a National Warranty System which is detailed below.

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The New Zealand Engine Reconditioners Association (Inc) was established in 1963 when a number of reconditioning companies joined together to create a National Trade Association. Mr. Bill Mace of Mace Engineering Ltd. in Christchurch, was the first National President elected.

Over the following years the Association grew to a total membership of nearly 100 reconditioning companies in 1989. The decline in the New Zealand economy in the early 1990's and the improvement of engine components saw the rationalisation of the industry to it's current size.

Some of the businesses have ceased to exit while others have rationalized or combined with others to offer a selection of competitive services to their customers. The existing reconditioners are well established businesses focussed on the future of the Industry.